The Lewis-Clark State Men's basketball defeats MacEwan University 102-59

LEWISTON, ID - The domination of LCSC Basketball continues as the men show no mercy two days in a row.

After a 113-59 thrashing Sunday night, the MacEwan Griffins decided to stay in Lewiston to take on the men of Lewis-Clark State College two nights in a row. May have been a bad move...let's see some highlights.

Robert Ellis with the ball, dishes the sweet pass to Jamaal Thomas underneath who lays it up and in and draws the foul...he'd hit the free throw.

Ellis again with the ball, but this time doesn't need any help, takes it all the way down the floor and in.

Beautiful play right here by the Warriors, EJ Farris cuts inside, then tosses back to the top of the key, that's Gavin Kauffman, swish...hits the big three.

And finally, it's EJ Farris again, this time doing it all himself as he flies inside and lays it in. And in the end, it's once again the Warriors who win big, 102-59. The 13-3 Warriors will next play this Friday at Montana Western!