Tom Morris: The Voice of the Vandals

MOSCOW, ID - It may seem quite a ways away, but college football season is almost back, which is certainly getting University of Idaho fans pumped up.

One person that can't wait to talk all about it...the voice of the Vandals, Mr. Tom Morris.

If you were born in raised in the great state of Idaho, then being called "The Voice of The Vandals" would be a huge honor. Fans really love their University of Idaho Vandals, just as much as they love the man who actually is the voice of the Vandals, Tom Morris, who is excited about the numerous changes in this year's football program.

"A lot of new things, and the slate seems to be clean," said Morris. "A independent schedule, new coach, new faces on the coaching staff, new philosophy on both sides of the ball, offense and defense. What's going to happen? Can't wait for the opener at North Texas."

On that note, first time head coach Paul Petrino has already stepped in and brought a world of difference to the program.

"Quickness,order, discipline, speed, there's not a wasted moment in coach Petrino's practices," said Morris.

And as for Vandal football joining the Sun Belt Conference in 2014, Morris credits the man at the top of athletics.

"Athletic Director Rob Spear has it right," said Morris. "Let's stay at the level we're at, and let's continue to improve."

Being in the press box and calling every Vandal game...that must be a lot of fun!

"We prepare, and no matter what the score, we try to convey a sports, fun, Vandal football," said Morris.

And how could it be even a better experience?

"Well, it'd be a lot more fun if we'd win...hear that folks? said Morris.

As for Tom's favorite moment in the booth, the big Vandal win over Bowling Green in the 2009 Humanitarian Bowl.

"Fantastic finish, dog-pile in the end-zone," said Morris. "That will forever stay with me as one of the greatest moments of all time in Vandal football history and I was very fortunate and humbled to be able to make that call."

Thanks so much, voice of the Vandals, Tom Morris. We'll hear you real soon!

Tom can be heard on several different radio stations during Vandal games such as KCLK here in the LC Valley or KZFN in the Moscow-Pullman area just to name a few.

The Vandals open up their season at North Texas on August 31st.