U of I & WSU Signing day for incoming class of 2013 season

MOSCOW, ID - It's signing day around the country and Wednesday Idaho Head Coach Paul Petrino made his way to the podium to announce the 2013 football recruiting class.

The majority of the 2013 signees came from Washington and California but a few made the list from Florida and a couple from right here in Idaho. Petrino decided to bring in two quarterbacks instead of sticking with his original plan of one, he said in order to make sure he's covered.

"You watch football and if you don't have a quarterback you're going to lose games," said Petrino. "So I just made the odds a little better, instead of just taking one of them and missing, I took two of them so my odds are better that one of them is gonna be a great player and we're gonna win along with the guys that we have here on campus. That's just being flat out honest."

A total of of 28 signees from both high school and junior colleges were announced Wednesday and more could possibly be coming in soon. We'll keep you updated on any new additions.

WSU's Mike Leach also announced his 2013 signing class. A class made up of 24 outstanding soon to be Cougars.

Just like Petrino, Leach welcomes quite a few players from the state of Washington but more are from California. Also making their way into the mix were players from Oklahoma and Alabama as well as a couple from Texas. Leach was asked if he was real happy with his incoming class of 2013, and he responded about as you might expect.

"Real happy doesn't exist," said Leach. "Pretty happy, yeah. I think it went well and I also think the efforts of our staff were key to that."

Leach said this year they placed a great emphasis on the lines. And there was apparently a little drama earlier Wednesday morning as it has been reported that Arizona state made a last minute push for Wazzu's four-star QB commit Tyler Bruggman of Phoenix after ASU learned they lost their star quarterback recruit to Tennessee. When asked about his decision stick with WSU, Bruggman said it was tough but he kept his word.

"It was a 51-49 decision seven months ago and it was the same today but you know I made a commitment to Washington State University and that means something to me and I wanted to follow through with that," said WSU recruit Tyler Bruggman.

Bruggman was the only four-star recruit in Leach's second recruiting class.