U of I Vandals a youthful team with enthusiasm

MOSCOW, ID - The Vandals took a pretty rough loss this past weekend, but there was a lot to be learned from it.

The University of Idaho Football team has a plethora of youth on the roster that was either inherited or recruited by first year Head Coach Paul Petrino. Coach knows that despite not being able to teach experience, you can instill confidence in a team with a lot of physical ability. He recognizes how much of his team had never been on a Division 1 football field until last Saturday's 40-6 loss to North Texas.

"When we got on the plane and flew down there we brought 64 guys with us and 32 of them had never played in a Division 1 football game before," said Petrino. "So...we're young, there's a lot of guys that looked a little like a deer in the headlights out there at times and that can't happen. They gotta' trust and believe in their training and trust in what their technique and fundamentals are and just play. Pull the trigger, go make plays and not be tentative and worried about making a mistake. They gotta play fast and go make plays."

The Vandals will take their youth and enthusiasm to Wyoming this Saturday to take on the Cowboys with a one-o-clock kickoff.