Vandal athletes need to excell in classroom as well as on the field

MOSCOW, ID - As much as sports are a way of life for many, being a student-athlete demands that you work hard on the field or court as well as the classroom.

The University of Idaho Vandals Football team has drastically improved both sides of the ball since the spring, but another place they have improved since the arrival of Head Coach Paul Petrino is in the classroom. With so much time spent in the weight room, on the field, or watching film, these athletes are dedicating their remaining hours to their studies, something that Athletic Director Rob Spear is proud to see in the past year's improvements.

"At the end of fall semester last year, our academic performance was very poor," said Spear. "I think our grade point average was about a 2.0. In the spring he immediately got it up to 2.5. Summer school just completed and those kids achieved about a 3.0 in the classroom. So that has been tremendous because you cannot perform at the University of Idaho if you don't get it done in the classroom."

With classes having started Monday, the team and the rest of the students are back in the classroom already, and will be taking on North Texas this Saturday!