Vandal Football team has great defensive mentality for Saturday's game

MOSCOW, ID - With game time just two days away, the Vandals defense is looking to turn the mean green into maybe some form of tame turquoise or something.

The University of Idaho Vandals defense has improved in it's physicality and discipline as it prepares to take on the offense of the North Texas mean green this Saturday. With a combination of talented jc tranfer linebackers and a great defensive line, including pass-rushing duo defensive ends Maxx Forde and Quinton Bradley, this defense is confident in their ability to stop any offense. Bradley has a plan of attack mentality for Saturday.

"Be crazy, be crazy cause you gotta' have passion out there.. it's hard to do, but it's not hard to do," said Bradley. "Just be crazy, have fun, spring to the ball, it's just a defensive mentality."

The Vandals will be playing North Texas in Denton this Saturday with a scheduled 4 p.m. kickoff. Best of luck to the entire Vandals Team.