Vandal players and coaches were pumped up for first day of pads

MOSCOW, ID - Up in Moscow, a revamped team put on the hardcore hardware Wednesday.

The University of Idaho Football team put on the pads Wednesday in their first true contact day of the spring. The sound of plastic and cloth colliding at high speeds was a welcome sound for spectators and coaches, and most of the players of course. Though not all the drills were full contact, the team session saw how much these players had been waiting to start the hitting. Players and coaches alike were pumped up!

"You know the first day in pads is always fun," said Petrino. "You know we got out there hitting and did a lot of physical drills, and there was really good things by both sides of the ball."

"Flew around, made plays, you know us as an offense, we're just getting that much better because we've had a year in this offense," said Quarterback Chad Chalich.

"First day in pads you're always out there trying to hit somebody," said Defensive End Maxx Ford. "I got out there a little bit late cause I had class today. So I kinda had to throw myself in there to get the swing of things in the middle of practice which is always hard to do but always trying to blow somebody up in the first day of pads."

The Vandals will practice one more time this Friday at 4 p.m. and will hold their first spring scrimmage this Saturday at 10 a.m. The Vandals will certainly bring the hits to that one as the position battles continue.