Vandals practice of two-a-days make for mental toughness

MOSCOW, ID - If hard work really pays off, then the Vandal's Football team may have no limits.

The University of Idaho football team has been participating in two-a-days over the past week, and despite massive fatigue setting in, there is a method to the madness. The massive compilation of hours, plays run, and constant hitting is setting a standard of mental toughness. Though the amount of work is something most Vandal players aren't used to, Head Coach Paul Petrino knows it will pay off.

"I'm really pushing them hard," said Petrino. "We did a long team period, it was fast, it was live tackle. it was get after it. Really just trying to make them mentally tough."

"No this is my first time in a fall camp like this and it's brutal," said Linebacker Marc Millan. "It's hard on your body and most of all it's hard on your mind. You gotta' be mentally tough. So that's the best part, I think it's making us all mentally tough."

The Vandals shall be toughing it out over the next few days up till their second scrimmage of the fall on Saturday morning.