Vandal's were all business duriing the second scrimmage

MOSCOW, ID - Over to the Vandal side now, the University of Idaho football team squared off against the University of Idaho football team on Saturday, as the first, second, and third team offenses took on the respective defenses.

Leading the way for the first team offense was Quarterback Chad Challich, who had one of the best days of any player. Challich was 41 of 70 in the passing game, at one point going 19 of 20, as he and the number one offense scored twelve total times. Head coach Paul Petrino jokingly suggests the defense was a little off, while Challich was all business on the field.

"We just came out and got after it today," said Challich. "Offense moved the ball, defense made some great plays, but our goal every time we get the ball is to get down and score, and score as many points as we can so that's what we're gonna' do."

"Know we looked great in the secondary today," said Petrino.

Good to see coach Petrino sharing a laugh with the media after a good scrimmage. The Vandals will practice all week till Friday's mock game in the Kibbie Dome.