Warrior Coach Robbins reflects on his first NAIA World Series

LEWISTON, ID - The final game of the 2013 NAIA Avista World Series is now over and it wasn't as close as many of us here in the LC Valley were hoping.

But looking back, we really have to give it up for our hometown Warriors. Harris Field is now mostly empty. The cleanup process has begun, and the fans are all back at work and school after Thursday's final game of the 2013 Avista NAIA World Series. The Hometown LCSC Warriors had made the championship game, but were knocked out by the #1 seed, the Faulkner Eagles. Headcoach of the Warriors, Jeremiah Robbins liked what his bats were doing, but recognized the fatigue in his pitchers arms.

"We knew going into it that we had to pitch and we were a little short with our arms," said Robbins. "And bringing Sells out and he was a little bit rusty but we rolled the dice."

Starting pitcher hadn't pitched a game since April 20th but was the only fresh arm on the roster. But after giving up five runs, they went to the bullpen in the second inning.

"Guys that came out of the pen, I thought they competed and we just didn't get the big hit," said Robbins. "We had got the big hit throughout most of the tournament and that game we just didn't."

With his first season with the Warriors over with, Coach Robbins reflects on how it went.

"Definitely a season of learning for me, and meeting new people, and new players," said Robbins. "It's a good start obviously but moving forward there's some excitement. It's everything that I dreamed this program would be and more."

For now, it's back to the recruiting table for coach and his staff.

"Our recruiting this year has been phenomenal," said Robbins. "I'm very excited about what we have coming in to mesh what we have coming back from last year. Some of those guys that we were counting on this year that got injured, they're getting healthy and they're going to be coming back for us next year."

And some final thoughts on your first year as the head coach of the LCSC Warriors.

"Definitely pinch myself every day that I'm the head coach at L-C State," said Robbins. "It's an honor and a privilege and I take a lot of pride in what we do here. It was a good year. We got to the championship, but we gotta' push forward. We gotta' get that championship and we'll do everything in our power to make that happen."

Thanks for the great season coach, and know that the entire Valley is proud of their LCSC Warriors! The way I see it, the Warriors program can only go up at this point, especially seeing as Coach Robbins was already heavily recruiting the morning after his team took second in the national championship. It's been a pleasure covering the 2013 Warriors team all season.