Warrior women dismantle the Dickinson State Blue Hawks 83-50

LEWISTON, ID - Well it's taken awhile, but both Warrior basketball teams are back in the Valley and played in dominating fashion Thursday night.

Let's start with some cuteness at the women's game as kid's got a chance to hit a shot for prizes at halftime, certainly was a crowd pleaser. As for the game, it was the 12-6 Dickinson State Blue Hawks taking on the 16-1 LCSC Warrior women in a conference matchup.

Second half, great passing from the Warriors...check out Loree Hill with the sidearm pass to Tanis Fuller who gets around her defender and lays it up and in. That's just the beginning of what we'd see from Fuller.

Brooke Laytalion here with a pass behind her, once again to Fuller, great post move and that's another two points for the Warriors and the extra point on the free throw.

Now we see the range from the Warriors as Brittaney Niebergall takes the pass from Caelyn Orlandi and the rim isn't touched as she drains the three and despite a slow first half, the Warrior women dismantle the Blue Hawks 83-50.

Tanis Fuller would finish with a career high 26 points as they improve to 17-1. They'll play Rocky Mountain State this Saturday at 5:30 p.m. once again at home.