Warriors baseball star is putting a career in the major leagues on hold for one more year

LEWISTON, ID - The LCSC Warriors baseball team had an amazing 2013 season, coming two games away from wining the NAIA World Series.

Some of their biggest contributions came from everyday right fielder Cody Lavalli, who was in the top five of nearly every offensive category in the NAIA. Those stats didn't go unnoticed, as Lavalli saw his big league dream come true when he was drafted by the Texas Rangers.

In Head Coach Jeremiah Robbins' first years as the LCSC Warriors baseball skipper, he had some incredible talent on his squad, and one of the biggest names was right fielder, number nine, Cody Lavalli. Lavalli was drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 37th Round of the MLB First Player's Draft, something that caught him off-guard.

"Well, at the time I was sleeping in the car when I found out, so, I mean, I was kind of excited and kind of caught off-guard at the same time," said Lavalli.

Despite the huge honor, he shares news that will make Warriors' fans more than excited.

"Well, I'm going to come back to LCSC and hopefully win a 17 again," said Lavalli "Just continue and try to get drafted again."

His reasons for coming back are great ones.

"Family, education, coming back here, and playing and getting better," said Lavalli.

With a 373 batting average last season, Lavalli and the team should be prepped to make a run for the championship like they did this year.

"The team had a great season, just one to remember," said Lavalli. "Hopefully we can capitalize and win the 'ship next year."

He credits his season not only to his work ethic, but to help he had along the way.

"Just the coaching, great coaches, a lot of hard work, a lot of time spent in the cages," said Lavalli.

And his off season regiment will only make next season even better.

"Just working out, throwing and hitting, lifting every day," said Lavalli. "Every day things, like a job."

Most people only see Lavalli on the diamond; off of it he likes the things that only the Valley has to offer.

"Go to the river and catch some 'rays'," said Lavalli. "I like to come here, to the field. I just like the people here."

Yes, the people, another reason he wanted to stay for another year.

"Oh it's always a great turnout, great loyalty from the fans," said Lavalli. "Love it. Nowhere else in the country like this."

And the fans love seeing right fielder, number nine, Cody Lavalli, for at least one more year.

We have quite a while before Warriors baseball starts back up, but we'll all be on high championship alert when Lavalli and the Warriors get back on the field.