WSU football players turn on aggression wearing full pads

PULLMAN, WA - It only took six days, but the hitting has finally begun in Lewiston.

The Washington State University Football team finally started getting tough with each other on Thursday as they went full pads for the first time this fall. They may not have been trying to destroy each other, seeing as they all play for the same team. But it was obvious that the aggression level went up quite a bit

That was put on display by a few skirmishes between offensive and defensive players throughout practice, but nothing that a few up-downs at the end of practice didn't cure. As for the actual on-field action by the players, they may be starting to show signs of fatigue, but still give it their all.

"I thought it went good, I thought we had some pretty good snappy work," said WSU Head Coach Mike Leach. "I though we dragged a bit in the middle of periods. We weren't as consistent as we were yesterday but I thought we played hard."

"Went well, was a little show today, little lethargic but we got through it and had a good team period, so it was good," said quarterback Connor Halliday.

The Cougs had a short practice Friday and have tentatively planned a min-scrimmage for Saturday at 2:30pm.