WSU football third spring practice was a good first day in pads

PULLMAN, WA - Normally when you introduce a bunch of guys to one another, the last thing you want is for all of them to start hitting each other.

Now let me clarify that we're talking about football here, and Tuesday marked day one in pads for the Washington State Cougar squad in their third practice of the spring. As expected, tempers flaired and a few big hits were heard from the sideline as players threw shoulders and helmets around. As much as no one ever wants to see injuries, the pads are what most of these players were waiting for!

"Well we wait for these pads to come on, and when we get an opportunity to hit someone, we gotta take it!" said WSU Football Receiver, River Cracraft.

"It was really competitive today, you know?" said WSU Football D-Line, Kalafatoni Pole. "Guys were really getting after it. As every football team there were a few fights, got a little chippy but we all worked hard. And what I like to see is that we came out here and never really took plays off."

"Looks like they've gotten...they've had a pretty good off season so we just gotta continue to improve but I thought it was just a pretty good first day in pads," said WSU Football Head Coach, Mike Leach.

The Cougs will hop back on the practice field this Thursday at
3:00 p.m.