WSU head football coach gives dating advice

PULLMAN, WA - A lot of young men have trouble finding significant others because, in many cases they don't know where to take someone they're interested in on a first date.

But luckily, Washington State University head football coach Mike Leach is here for you! Coach Leach not only should be considered a genius in the coaching field, but in the field of life as well. He has some advice for young men who are trying to think of a place to take that special someone on their first date.

"Try to have somewhere where there's not salad," said Leach. "Girls will try to show off and act like all they eat is salad. Try to put them in a position where they have to put real food in their mouth cause they want to do that thing where they only pick at salads and stuff like that, so once you get passed that, cause that's sort of a speed bump in the whole thing and so you want to get passed that immediately."

Now that's real talk right there, might have to try that out myself sometime. After all, he hasn't been married for over 30 years running on just luck!