WSU investigation finds football coaches innocent of any abuse

PULLMAN, WA - When Marquess Wilson left WSU, he made claims of abuse by the coaches which brought about an investigation by both the Pac-12 and WSU.

Part of that investigation has been completed.

The school conducted interviews with a diverse group of 12 players and the results are in. Athletic Director Bill Moos stated in his review that all twelve players said they have had a positive experience at Washington state. He said players confirmed that off season conditioning sessions are intense but appropriate for what they are designed to achieve. Moos also stated that players said they respect the head coach and his staff and they will move the program to a greater level of respect and competitiveness.

"I feel confident that we are doing things that are going to help us be competitive in major college football and that there is no signs of abuse or mistreatment of players and hopefully we can get this behind us and go forward," said Moos.

Moos said he's not sure when to expect the results from the Pac-12 investigation. He said they are two separate investigations and though he can't say what they will come up with, he suspects their findings will be the same or similar to the schools.