WSU men took on a D2, San Francisco State squad

      KENNEWICK, WA - We're two days away from seeing the Cougs in a bowl game, but other Coug teams are dominating around the country.

      The Washington State Cougar men took on a D2, San Francisco State squad in the Tri-Cities.

      The Cougs, winners of 3 of their last 4, tipped off at the Toyota center

      Royce Aldridge cut the ribbon on the second half with a transition lay-in.

      The Cougars pushed same direction after the steal, ended up in the mitts of Devonte Lacey for a 3-quarters dunk, the lead ballooned up to 16.

      More Lacey, this time after the pin-ball bounce, shot-fake and tear drop for 2 of his game-high 22.

      It wasn't long before the money ballers showed up, Dexter Kernich drew with a base-line trey.

      Freshmen, Q Johnson went back to back from the same distance

      80-50 was the final in favor of the Cougs as they jump to 6-4.