WSU second scrimmage is closer to finding some starters

PULLMAN, WA - Division I football in the Palouse had it's second consecutive week of scrimmages, and we're that much closer to finding some starters on the Cougar side.

The Washington State Cougars held their second scrimmage of the fall last Friday evening, and if last week's practice were any indication of how this scrimmage might go, the offense looked dominating.

Quarterback Connor Halliday threw for 91 yards and three touchdowns while Austin Apodaca threw for 93 yards and one T-D. Star of the day might be Freshman Receiver River Cracraft who came down with six catches for 144 yards and two touchdowns. Halliday hopes for some consistency at the QB position this year.

"Just having one voice that the offense listens to, trusting in your leader," said Halliday. "Last year we were bouncing back and forth and a bunch of different things, and then either me or Jeff wasn't playing well or had one good game. But when the ten guys out there are believing in one person and everybody has trust in that one guy, no matter who it is, they're gonna' play better as a whole."

The Cougs will be having closed practices for the next two weeks until their first game at Auburn on the 31st. And don't forget to watch the WSU football 30-minute special this Friday immediately following the Seahawks and Packers preseason game!