11-year-old Clarkston boxer gaining national recognition


Earlier this week we mentioned 11-year-old Abby Reck. Reck is one of the top boxers in the nation and she hasn’t had much formal training.

Abby Reck is hitting it big in the boxing world and she’s building quite the resume. This Clarkston girl is the number one boxer in the Pacific Northwest in her age group and weight class. But that distinction isn’t going to her head…she’s humble.

"I never really thought about it what way,” said Reck.

This past weekend, the 11-year-old, in the red, took the third ranking in the national title in the USA Junior Olympic in Charleston, West Virginia, and she’s already looking forward to 2018.

Reck said, "That made me pretty excited, even though I didn't get first, that was, even though that was my goal, but I think I'm going to get it next year."

And listen to this, she only started training ten months ago, getting into boxing because of her father.

Are you the best in the family?

“Yeah, I am,” said Reck.

Admittedly mild-mannered, she said something about her changes when she gets into the ring. Her aggressive fighting style was learned by design.

Reck said, "My dad would always tell me, what you, what you train like in the gym is what like in a fight, like what you do like in a fight. So if you're like, hitting the bag hard, that's what you're gonna do in a fight."

It’s that training, paired with her competitive spirit that pushes her to be one of the greats, despite being a pre-teen.

"I think about how, I want to be the best of the best, and so that's where I get the energy from,” said Reck.

And... she’s dreaming big.

"I want to be like a UFC fighter,” said Reck. “I wanna get the belt. Or be a professional boxer."

Outside the ring, Reck said that she enjoys spending time with her family. She also claims that she enjoys her lazy time, something we can all relate to.

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