Endless options when eating your way through the NAIA World Series


The 2017 Avista NAIA World Series is in full swing, which means the valley has been taken over by baseball, but our KLEW News Reporter Shannon Moudy enjoys the games for something a little different.

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching baseball, especially when our Warriors are playing but I always look forward to what new and exciting foods there are at the series.

When it comes to eating your way through the week of the Avista NAIA World Series, the options are seemingly endless. There’s some timeless favorites, and a few new names.

Tyler Bransford, Shiznits said, "We got our start serving some, let's say, inebriated people and they kept telling us our food was the bomb, it was the shiznit. The name stuck."

Shiznits first served their unique grub seven years ago at the Riggins Jet Boat Races. For their first time at the series they have a few favorites on the menu.

"Shredded beef, shredded chicken, shredded pork sammiches, and mashed potato sundaes, and our street tacos,” said Bransford.

I decided on the big game, a tuscan roll loaded with everything and your choice of meat. Just don’t make the same mistake I did when ordering.

"Sammich, not a sandwich,” said Bransford. “There's no bologna on anything."

Some bacon, some nacho cheese, shredded chicken, it's got jalapenos, banana peppers...

"It's a meal,” said Bransford.

Very messy. You're going to need some napkins, but very good. And don’t forget about dessert.

"Can I get one elephant ear, please?"

There’s the old standby, Scones R’Us or some famous huckleberry ice cream. But if you’re looking for a more diet friendly option...

Colleen Wilson, Wilson Banner Ranch said, "We can make it non-diet. We can add whipped cream...caramel."

Wilson Banner Ranch is serving up Mom’s apple pie, cider, and fruit cones.

"One of our best sellers here because you can take them up easily into the stands and walk around with them,” said Wilson.

So whether it’s fried, fresh, sugary, or savory, there’s something new and good to eat every day.

So don’t worry about making dinner tonight. Go enjoy some baseball and all the great food these vendors have to offer.

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