Former NBA legend, Wilkens, makes stop in Lapwai


Friday, the Lapwai community welcomes in a trio of basketball royalty as former Supersonic Slick Watts, and former Seattle and Dallas big man James Donaldson joined nine-time NBA All-Star Lenny Wilkens as part of the Rise Up Initiative.

The program is designed to show Indian youth how athletics, exercise and positive lifestyle choices can help them overcome the challenges they may face in life. The daylong event also included a basketball clinic at the Pi-Nee-Waus community center that helped teach the youth some critical basketball skills.

"They need to be encouraged,” said Wilkens. “They need someone to say that, yes you can do it. I'm all about young people. They're our future, they're tomorrow's doctors, lawyers, politicians, athletes, whatever, and they need to be encouraged. I want them to believe that they can make a difference because I was told that as a youngster that you can make a difference, it's up to you, you've got to take that first step. But you need someone telling you that. So I want them to believe that cuz I believe it."

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