Genesee overcomes gritty CV Rams for opening round district win


Aaron Skinner and the Clearwater Valley Rams opening up District 2, Division I tournament play with Genesee Monday night and the Rams coming to play, don’t mess with a dude sportin’ a mullet. Mitchell Morrow count the basket plus the foul, Rams led by three early in the fourth.

But the Bulldogs come right back in the post working for two is Kyle Moser and after six straight, Genesee was up three. But the Rams won’t go away. Trey Pfefferkorn finds himself in trouble but turns, hangs, and hits and it’s a one-point game once again.

But with just seconds left, Rams find themselves down three needing an intentional free throw miss, rebound and a three to force overtime but Mitchell Morrow can’t even come close to hitting rim and Genesee hangs on for the 49-45 win.

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