Kidney transplant recipient participates in Seaport River Run

CLARKSTON, WA - This past Saturday, the banks of the Snake River saw a lot of great runners, family and friends getting a little closer, and a great story about human compassion.

Swallows Park in Clarkston was the start of the 36th Annual Seaport River Run, where runners, joggers, and walkers alike got together to travel for a good cause. Participants could either run a 10K or almost a 5K to benefit the Lewiston Civic Theatre Children's Program.

In addition to helping out our young actors, there were a pair of runners on the course that were running together for more than that reason. Frank Dammarell was running his 36th river run, and might not have been able to had it not been for his younger brother Rob, who was running his first, and wouldn't miss this one for anything.

"I had a kidney transplant, and my younger brother, much younger, donated his kidney to me," said Frank. "So I'm very grateful to have a brother like that."

"I mean it was a big decision, but for this guy, absolutely," said Rob. "And the great thing is we're both doing great, six months later."

Always great to see family transcend sports, truly an inspiration to hear the Dammarell's story. Congratulations to all participants of the river run and thanks for the contributions.