LC Valley Twins have passion for more than baseball


A local team is asking for the community’s support as their season is approaching. For this team, it’s not only about the game of baseball, it’s about honoring those who have served our country.

It’s America’s past time, but baseball is more than just a sport for the LC Valley Twins.

"It's always been my favorite sport, I love watching it, love watching major league and college and all that, and coming to the NAIA World Series I've always had a love for baseball,” said Julian Washburn, Twin player.

They play through the summer traveling around competing with other teams. This is an opportunity for the players to improve their game in the off season.

AJ Davis, Twin player said, "This program is really good, they know a lot about baseball, so it's gonna definitely help me out, with my mental game and plus just mechanics and stuff, it's gonna be good."

And many of the players are making the step up to college ball next year.

"To play college ball you need to develop your game a little bit more and so I thought, the Twins would be the best,” said Davis.

"I'm playing college ball next year at LC so I just want to stay here and develop the game better,” said Riley Way, Twin player.

The Twins are part of American Legion Baseball. A program where veterans involved with American Legion sponsor the teams.

"Our veterans, it gives us chance to pay respect to them,” said Coach Maurer.

And this is something first year Head Coach Kevin Maurer takes seriously.

“This game was built as America's past time, you know, they gave us this opportunity to actually suit up and play this game that we all love,” said Maurer.

He makes sure his players know this is more than just a game.

"It's always important that when we step out there we respect that, and we try and do them as proud as we can,” said Maurer.

Head Coach Maurer said they want the community’s support not only for their games, but to show respect to veterans as well.

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