Pomeroy headed to 1B State semifinals


From the Sundome to the Spokane Arena, the Pomeroy Pirates battling Yakima Nation Tribal. Leading by ten out of the locker room and Pirates come out smokin’

Ryan Wolf steps inside the line, that’s a deuce. Then a couple trips later, Pomeroy will work it down low and kick to the corner for three, and that’s way too much air space for Devon Caruso. Pirates up 33-21.

Now up seven late in the third, the Pirates are gonna call on Jacob Tewalt who gets the layup to go and then showing his versatility with the 12-footer. Then Tewalt stretching it out from deep, get in there ball. It does, Pirates up nine heading to the fourth.

And in the fourth Pirates can smell blood…Cort Lamunyan on the trampoline in the pop-up zone and it’s good to see this kid healthy. Oscar Morfin, he works against the much weaker defender. Pirates up nine at that point with two-and-a-half to go. They go on to east to the 65-51 win.

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