Seahawk Russell Wilson hosts football camp in Spokane

SPOKANE, WA - One of the most dynamic young quarterbacks in the NFL is giving back to kids in the eastern Washington area.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback and arguably the most dynamic rookie quarterback from last year's NFL season, Russell Wilson is hosting a football camp in Spokane. The two-day Russell Wilson passing academy is for youth between the ages of nine and 17, and has been traveling the country to places that mean a lot to him. Places like Richmond, Virginia, which is his hometown. He chose Spokane as one of the stops because of the amount of time he spent there during his minor league baseball days. An encouraging fact for Seahawks fans is knowing that no matter what he is doing, his focus is on football.

"I think that's the cool thing about these camps, I'm always in the game of football," said Seattle Seahawk Quarterback Russell Wilson. "And I'm looking at my play scripts and doing that as I'm traveling, but I don't think you ever really get out of it for me. People always encourage me to try to do that, but I don't think that's for me. I'm not that way. I have to be in it all the time, I love the game of football and if I love it, I'm going to be in it."

Truly amazing to see the focus and maturity he has at only 24 years of age. Wilson and his camp will wrap up with a stop in Seattle on the thirteenth.