Mariners pull out a 6-5 victory against Twins


Another big night for the M’s as they take win two against the Minnesota Twins. Let’s dive right in.

Safeco Field was packed Wednesday night for game two of the three game series. The Mariners taking on the Twins after a sweep Tuesday night.

We pick it up bottom of the third, Mike Zunino smacks that Mejia pitch deep to left field, a solo homerun for Zunino. Mariners on the board now.

Carlos Ruiz hammers the ball to left field, back-to-back homeruns for the Mariners, 2-1 Mariners.

Mike Zunino again at the plate, this man is on fire with a high fly ball deep to right center field, a walk-off homerun for Zunino!

Mike Zunino again bottom of the ninth with two homeruns, 3 RBI’s and that’s game.

Mariners win again 6 to 5. They head into the last game of the series with the Twins tomorrow (Thursday) night.

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