M's WBC participants play deep into loss to Rangers


With the World Baseball Classic just three days away, soon the Mariners will lose a bulk of their spring training roster, but with guys trying to get a few more hacks in before they depart, today’s game (Friday) against the Rangers was more intriguing than just any other spring fling.

The Mariners off to one of the best starts in Cactus League play, they are 5-1 for what it’s worth. Fourth inning, M’s trail by one and its Jarrod Dyson, Mariners really needed to add some speed during the offseason. They do so with the addition of Dyson who goes all the way to third on the RBI triple, it was 2-2.

Now we mentioned some guys getting ready to depart for the World Baseball Classic this weekend, one of them was Robinson Cano, just about all that he’s done has drawn walks this spring. He leads the bigs with seven of them but this is a double to the wall out in right. Then it’s Nelson Cruz, playing into the eighth inning today, trying to sharpen up before the Classic as well and he lines a base hit into left, Cruz was 1-for-4. Both Cano and Cruz will have one more day in sunny Arizona before their WBC break.

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