Adams was selected as MVP on CHS tennis team

CLARKSTON, WA - Most of us see athletes only for what they do on the court or field, but when you sit down with them and get to know them, you may find out that they may also get straight A's in the classroom, or are classically trained on the piano.

The tennis courts of Clarkston High School hold a player who is only a junior, but in each year he has been there, has helped take the team to state in one way or another. Off the court, impeccable grades. The Bantam's Ryan Adams is this week's P1FCU Athlete of the Week. What does that mean to you, Ryan?

"I'm honored," said Adams. "That's a really cool thing and I'm glad to be it."

On the court, are you a singles or doubles player?

"They're both fun, doubles is really fun to play, but I like playing singles a lot," said Adams.

How are you doing this season? Pretty decently?

"I got the MVP of league this year which was pretty cool," said Adams. "And then our team won district which was awesome. Has a couple guys step up, so it was a fun season."

I guess better than decent. Looks like you have a good chance to win state!

"That's the goal," said Adams. "It will be a tough year, singles is always tough and there's some really good players in the state so we'll see what happens."

Well best of luck, and how are your grades looking?

"I have a 4.0," said Adams. "It takes a lot of hard work, but it's worth it."

Great work and how about outside of sports and school?

"I like to hunt and fish a lot, that's one of my passions," said Adams.

Ah, an avid sportsman. What do you hunt?

"Deer, elk, bear," said Adams.

Bear, wow be safe out there. I also understand you are a classically trained piano player. How long have you played?

"Well my Mom made me play ever since I was young so it's been like ten years," said Adams.

Do you love playing?

"Yeah, I'm starting to enjoy it more now," said Adams. I didn't really like it much when I was younger but it's a fun thing to do."

Back to tennis, Co-head Coach Larry McConnel appreciates everything Ryan brings to his team.

"Ryan's everything you want in a player," said McConnell. "Like you said, he brings the academic side and he brings that right onto the court. He's a very cerebral player."