Arnzen's sport of choice is football and enjoys being outdoors on his dirtbike

COTTONWOOD, ID - When people hear the term 'salt of the earth,' it may give them good feelings of being home and in good company. When a person is described as the 'salt of the earth,' you know they are someone you want to know and be around.

This Prep Athlete has been described exactly as that, a kid that everyone wants to be around whether or not he is helping lead his basketball team to state or just hanging out with him. Let's meet Prairie High Junior, Lucas Arnzen.

Though we see him dominating on the basketball court, Prairie High Junior, Lucas Arnzen has a different sport of choice.

"I like football more," said Arnzen. "Football's a contact sport and not fouls."

And seeing as he's six-foot-four, he's probably a tight-end or outside receiver.

"Running back," said Arnzen.

What? That must be hard!

"It's not easy...just gotta try to keep your center of balance down and go for the end-zone," said Arnzen.

So why not play receiver?

"I just can't catch a ball, so they hand me the ball instead," said Arnzen.

Fair the classroom, he maintains a GPA in the upper three's, and has a favorite subject.

"Not math...history probably," said Arnzen.

Okay, so why history?

"It's not near as hard and you can relate to it and it's not all numbers and letters and throwing them into equations," said Arnzen.

How about an outlook into the future?

"Well my dad's a farmer so I'll probably go to college for something like that or diesel mechanics and try to come back to the family farm," said Arnzen.

Thoughts on colleges?

"LCSC for their diesel program or U of I for their Ag. business," said Arnzen.

And how about when not at school or playing sports?

"I have a dirtbike, I like riding my dirtbike," said Arnzen. "Anything outdoors, I don't like being inside and playing video games and stuff like that."

Lucas is very close with his hero.

"My dad...he's always taught me stick to the gridiron and go far in life and not joke around with it," said Arnzen.

Another one of his heroes, Prairie Head Coach Teel Bruner, knows he deserves this award.

"No one more deserving," said Bruner. "I mean we've got other kids on the team that are deserving but no one more deserving than Lucas, just an absolute salt of the earth kid, a great kid. His dad has instilled in him a great work ethic, that kid works and works and works."

Congratulations to this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week," Prairie High Junior, Lucas Arnzen.

"It means a lot," said Arnzen. "I mean I like the people to recognize you and all your hard work and dedication to everything. It's kinda nice."

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