Basketball is a family affair in Kage Sobotta's family

CLARKSTON, WA - Though the L-C Valley has always been known as a baseball town, this year's Clarkston boys team is trying to show that it can be a basketball town too. And one important player on the team has been raised in a family where basketball brings everyone together.

Let's meet this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week," Clarkston High senior, Kage Sobotta.

The Sobotta's have many basketball players in their family, and with Clarkston's Kage Sobotta being no exception, he's been playing forever.

"A long time, I think ever since I was a little kid," said Sobotta. "Pre-school and stuff my parents have had me around basketball."

And both his parents being coaches certainly hasn't hurt his growth on the court.

"It's been a huge impact, they know so much about the game," said Sobotta. "They teach me everything that I know right now."

It seems like the Sobottas are always just a few feet away from a court.

"Whenever our family gathers, there's always a hoop somewhere," said Sobotta. "And we have a ton of cousins so we always get a huge game going. I guess everything kind of revolves around basketball."

Kage also excels in the classroom.

"Doing good," said Sobotta. "All my grades are good...pretty sure."

As for next year, Kage wants to keep playing ball, but he's not sure where yet.

"Been talking to L-C, Walla Walla Community College, and Wenatchee Valley," said Sobotta.

If he chooses Lewis-Clark State, like many would love to see him do, he'd get the chance to play with his cousin Tre.

"I think it'd be really fun," said Sobotta. "We've never really played together a lot, and it'd be fun playing with him. And I think it'd be fun playing in front of all my family. They all come support me."

Wherever he goes, he has an idea regarding his major.

"I kind of want to go into something with business I think, but I really haven't thought too much about it," said Sobotta.

You may have already guessed who his heroes might be...though one of them might throw you off a little.

"My family, like my grandparents, my parents are, my aunt, Steve Prefontaine, the runner from Oregon, he's one of my heroes too," said Sobotta.

For his skills on the court, grades in the classroom, and love for his family and community, Kage Sobotta is easily this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week!" Congrats, Kage!

"I've worked hard in basketball and in school," said Sobotta. "I''ve always tried to make friends with anyone at the school, so it means a lot. It's pretty nice to hear."