Basketball, softball and soccer keeps Kylie's competitive streak alive

MOSCOW, ID - In many cases, being a three-sport star athlete will lead to have a big ego..that's certainly not the case with Moscow's Kylie Gorton.

Here at Ghormley Park, the Moscow softball team has their regular practice on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. However, one player on the team is anything but regular. A three-sport, star athlete, loved by all her teammates and coaches, with big plans for the future.

"I'm feeling pretty excellent," said Gorton.

Moscow Senior Kylie Gorton won't fully admit it, but she's a star athlete on every playing field.

"I play basketball and soccer, and I'm going to play soccer at Walla Walla Community College," said Gorton.

Softball is her third sport, where she plays two positions and is already one of the best on the team even though this is her first and only season with the Bears.

"I play shortstop and center field," said Gorton.

Off the field, Kylie knows her strengths and weaknesses when it comes to academics.

"Academics are not the strongest part of me, but I do work hard every day towards them and I try to improve every day," said Gorton.

Family always takes priority in her life.

"Any extra free time that I have when I'm not doing school or sports, I love to sit around the house and hang out with my siblings and my grandparents and my mom and dad," said Gorton.

Looking into the future, soccer looks to be her sport of preference. She has solid plans after attending community college.

"Transfer to a division 1 school and finish out my two years there playing soccer while finishing my schooling," said Gorton.

She also hopes to stay in the area after transferring, so the question becomes..Cougars or Vandals?

"I would like to go to's near where I live right now and all my family still lives here," said Gorton.

Quinn Nelson, Kylie's best friend on the team, says she couldn't ask for a better friend.

"She's a great person," said Nelson. "Fun, fun-loving. Great to be around. She gets along with everyone."

Moscow Head Softball Coach Ted Matsuoka said he wishes Kylie had been a member of the team prior to this season, because he could've used her talent.

"She's one of those rare people that you meet that is very competitive and doesn't want to get beat at anything so she'll work to be the best," said Matsuoka.

Lastly, Kylie's thoughts on her coach and their great relationship.

"Ted? Yes, I love Ted, he's like my favorite old man ever," said Gorton.

Her tenacity, spunk, athleticism, and great attitude makes Kylie Gorton this week's P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week.