Beeler is happy to be a 4th year Bantam wrestler

CLARKSTON, WA - Brock Beeler joined the Clarkston Bantams wrestling team as a freshman and entering his fourth and final year.

He said it's been a great experience

"It's great to be with a team for four years, lots of memories coming up through the seniors and just kinda doing what they did when they were seniors," said Beeler.

Brock isn't the only four year senior with the Bantams. John Stickland and Darren Damon also joined the team as freshmen as well. Brock said the three of them are a pretty tight nit group.

It's a tight group, we doing everything together, well as much as you can," said Beeler. "We're all pretty much friends."

As a sophomore, Brock won his match at the Lewiston-Clarkston duels. While that memory is one that ranks at the top of the list, he said there is one more still to go.

"State champ definitely, that's always been the goal," said Beeler. "I'm hoping that's what I got this year, I think I have a good chance at it."