Bonner aims to jump to new heights

LEWISTON, ID - As Kurtis Bonner enters his senior year with the Lewiston Bengals Track and Field team, he said he is nervous but excited.

Kurtis said Track and Field play a big role in his life.

"It gives me a place to go and blow off steam." said Bonner. "It's just a place to relax and hang out with friends."

Kurtis competes in both the 800 meter race and the high jump. Of the two, Kurtis said that high jump is his favorite.

"I've always been a jumper." said Bonner. "I just like jumping and reaching as high as I possibly can."

When Kurtis began the high jump, his jumps we're just over 5'0". Entering his senior year, Kurtis is now jumping around 6'0". Before the season is over, Kurtis said he would like to hit the 6'4" to 6'5" mark. To get there, Kurtis said it's going to take two things.

"Determination and showing no fear to jump at new heights."