Briney's friends build team chemistry on and off the field

CLARKSTON, WA - School is back in session,and seeing as this is the sports segment, that means it's time to talk about student athletes.

Every Wednesday throughout the school year, we highlight an athlete who goes above and beyond his or her athletic duties on the field or court by showing that they are an exceptional person everywhere else. We visit Clarkston to meet multi-sport athlete, Kyle Briney, this week's P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week who does what he can to lead this team to victory.

"I come out here and I just try and pull all my teammates up and try to do this as a team," said Briney.

Senior Kyle Briney is this week's P1FCU athlete of the week, something he is proud of not only because of his hard work on the field, but his priorities in life.

"It means a lot because school does come first and sports are fun and everything but I know we have to get good grades to get out here and get to play," said Briney.

And focusing on those good grades is something he excels at.

"My GPA in high school is a 3.8," said Briney.

As for Kyle's favorite subject? Not a popular one with most students.

"Math, I like to do math," said Briney. "Really?" "Yeah." "That's a rare answer." "Yeah!"

Looking for more rare answers? We find it in the type of math he prefers.

"I like algebra II and stuff, long algebra problems, stuff like that," said Briney.

As for future aspirations.

"Planning on going to college somewhere," said Briney. "Still deciding on somewhere to go and what to do and stuff like that, but yeah, plan on going to college."

Despite the season, this baseball and football star won't hesitate to tell you his favorite sport.

"It's baseball," said Briney. "It's baseball?" "It's baseball."

So even if football comes second to baseball, he's still doing his part to make Bantam football great!

"Yeah this is come out and have fun with all my friends and we come out and try and win for the school," said Briney.

And everyone has to have a couple heroes.

"My parents for sure and stuff like that and out here with our coaches and they way they lead us," said Briney. "And things like that and try and follow in the way they do things."

Finally, one of the reasons to watch out for Kyle and his Bantams football team, the team chemistry.

"Yeah there's 19 of us playing, 19 seniors, and we come out, and we're pretty good friends off the field too," said Briney. "So coming out on the field it's just like being out with your friends in the backyard playing football and we come out, throw the football around, and have a little fun."

Congrats to Kyle Briney, this week's P1FCU athlete of the week!

"It's an honor...makes me feel really good about myself," said Briney.

We hope you enjoyed meeting Kyle Briney. Each week throughout this school year KLEW Sports and P1FCU team up to highlight a deserving athlete in the area. If you have someone you'd like to nominate, just go to click on sports and then prep athlete. Every Wednesday those athletes are showcased right here on KLEW-TV and they'll receive a plaque in honor of their achievement.