Dalton Patchen's sense of humor keeps teammates laughing on the basketball court

COLTON, WA - When playing team sports, you want teammates who will always have your back. The only thing better than that is having a teammate that will have your back while making you constantly laugh.
This week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week" will make you laugh while dunking on the competition. Let's meet Colton High Senior, Dalton Patchen.

Colton High's Boys Basketball team won their first state championship in school history this year with a lot of help from their big man, senior Dalton Patchen.

"Feels great being the first in history but I mean especially for our seniors," said Patchen. "I mean going out with a state championship, there's nothing better than that."

Despite leading his team in scoring, he downplays how well he did.

"I did pretty good, I guess," said Patchen.

With football and basketball both done, his attention has turned to baseball.

"I've played baseball my whole life, it was one of my favorite sports until I got tall and decent at basketball," said Patchen.

Non stop sports, seems like there's no rest for these guys.

"We had a day off, so that was nice," said Patchen. "I had to do homework though, I had a paper due the next day."

As for plans after high school?

"Hopefully play college basketball," said Patchen. "That's what I really wanna do and hopefully I can. Hopefully a school picks me up to go play somewhere."

One school he's leaning towards is Saint Catherine's near San Diego, California..meaning he would venture far from home.

"I'm kinda like a family kid, I really like being around my family," said Patchen. "I don't like doing out much. I guess it would be a huge change for me if I do go down there, but I mean I'm gonna have to grow up sometime so."

He has dreams of being in the NBA, and being six-foot-seven and still growing will certainly help.

"Apparently I'm above the average height, I've been told that, but I don't believe it," said Patchen. "No, that's accurate."

When not playing sports, he's relaxing as much as possible.

"Especially being a little taller, you got a lot of bones to heal," said Patchen. "And muscles, but I don't have a lot of muscles."

And he relaxes a lot with his teammates, who happen to be some of his best friends.

"Oh yeah, how could they not be your best friends," said Patchen. "I mean, you see them every day. Unfortunately."

He's excited to be this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week."

"That's pretty cool cause not a lot of kids get the opportunity to do it," said Patchen. "But people get to watch you and see how much you've grown during the season and career and say I wanna be like him. And a lot of kids come up to me and say oh can you dunk it in the game and I say okay I'll try, I don't always."

Always humble, and always funny, congrats to Colton High Senior, Dalton Patchen.