Depaul plays baseball for Bantam's and Pullman Patriots American Legion teams

CLARKSTON, WA - Clarkston High School Junior Depaul Blunt's love for the game of baseball is rivaled by nothing else. For the third year in a row, Depaul Blunt, who's only a junior at CHS will be suiting up for the Bantams Varsity Baseball team.

Depaul said that his determination to be great at baseball keeps him focused on the sport he loves the most.

"I just strive to get better each and everyday," said Blunt.

Which is exactly what he does during the season, but also in the off season, when he becomes part of the Pullman Patriots American Legion team.

"I play all during the summer to try and get better," said Blunt.

Depaul said his love for baseball goes hand in hand with his love for competition and team work.

"I'm very competitive, so I do like the competitive aspect and the team, working as a team and stuff like that," said Blunt.

Raw baseball talent and love for the dusty diamond has spread to his younger brothers. You can really say that baseball is a family affair.

"I wanna play at LC because I think that would be cool since my dad played there," said Blunt

His dreams don't stop at the college level, he already knows what he wants to be after that.

"Professional Baseball player," said Blunt.

The work ethic we see on the field carries over to his studies, an area that his parents keep a watchful eye on.

"If I have one missing assignment they tell me to get it up that day or else I can't go to practice," said Blunt.

Striving for the best in all aspects of life make Depaul Blunt is this week's P1FCU Prep Athlete of the Week.