Dillon Frank sets a good example for youth to get the job done

COLTON, WA - For many, figuring out what you want to do for a living isn't an easy task. Most high school students are so focused on grades and sports and friends that being an adult isn't something they want to worry about for awhile.

We meet a young man who has already got his life plan down, and it starts right after high school. Let's meet this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week," Colton High senior, Dillon Frank!

The Colton High Football team had high hopes of taking a state championship this year, but unfortunately, came up just short.

"It was a good season," said Frank. "I knew for sure we were a playoff team, but I thought we'd make a deeper run. But unfortunately we didn't so it kinda sucks but we had a great team this year."

Dillon played a pivotal role on his team as a running back and defensive back, and despite their early departure, loved being with his team.

"Just being around all my friends and getting the job done and getting wins," said Dillon. "It was fun."

He tells me, unlike in the past, this year he's really focused on his grades.

"They're good," said Dillon. "I got no bad grades this year, last year I was struggling but tried to step it up a little bit this year."

As for the future, Dillon's starts right after high school.

"Go to Alaska, going to work up there," said Dillon. "My brother just started up there so hopefully I'm gonna go up there and get a job."

With the combination of not wanting to work behind a desk and a love of cars, he plans to be a mechanic.

"I just like hands on learning rather than looking through a book or sitting at a desk," said Dillon. "Just want to do something with my hands."

He has a beautiful dream car that he wants some day.

"68 camaro, yep...I got an 81 camaro right now but a 68 would be pretty sweet," said Dillon.

When not playing sports or in the classroom?

"Being in the shop too with my dad working on stuff when he's home," said Dillon.

Speaking of, he tells us who his heroes are.

"Definitely my dad, and probably my brother," said Dillon.

His basketball coach loves what he brings every day.

"Dillon's a great kid," said Colton Basketball Head coach, Seth Payne. "Dillon's a competitor, he's got a heart of gold. I absolutely love Dillon to death...Dillon gives us everything that he has night in and night out, both on the practice floor right now, but also Friday nights in football. But also in Fridays or Saturdays in hoops or Tuesday."

And finally, a big reason why Colton High senior Dillon Frank is this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week," he strives to set a good example for those younger than him.

"I hope so...I try to show them the way in practice not to goof around and just get the job done," said Dillon. "And then go home, then show up to school and do it again!"