Dylan Beeler is strong on the mats and in CHS classroom

CLARKSTON, WA - Its rare to meet an athlete that dominates on the diamond, football field and wrestling mats all while managing to get good grades and be a good person.

We found that one in a million student athlete, so without further ado here's Clarkston High School sophomore and P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week." Dylan Beeler who shows us it's his drive, heart and love of sports that keeps him on top.

Success in and out of sports is directly related to how much sacrifice, dedication, and desire one has to be the best. And for 220lb six foot two sophomore Dylan Beeler he has to strive three times harder than the single sport athlete.

"My favorite is football, I like to play that the best," said Beeler. "And wrestling is close second and so is baseball. It's really just whatever sport I'm in is my favorite really."

Right now Beeler is toppling his competition in wrestling, which might not come as a surprise since he's been wrestling since the ripe age of five.

"Hard work and dedication that's the secret," said Beeler.

Much easier said then done.

"We get up at six and run four miles and then we do sprints and all types of exercises just to stay in shape," said Beeler.

It's that hard work that pays off as he's 25 and one on the season and not letting up anytime soon!

"My goal is to win state, and I think that's a reasonable goal," said Beeler. "I've already beat a lot of number ones in the state."

But for those opponents it's a harsh reality knowing that they just got beat by only a sophomore.

"They're just like holy crap you're only a sophomore, just like that kids strong," said Beeler.

Strong on the mats and in the classroom as Dylan's desire to be number one is not just limited to athletics.

"I got a 4.0 and I'm in a couple honors classes and it's going good," said Beeler.

A great student, solid character and stellar athlete are just a few reasons as to why Dylan Beeler is this weeks P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week."