Eggleston plays third base and has taken hits to his body his entire high school career

CLARKSTON, WA - It's amazing when we hear about the different things our young athletes want to grow up to be, but sometimes, you hear about one that makes our jaw drop. You can't get much more out of the everyday routine than by wanting to be a genetic scientist, just like this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week," Clarkston High Senior, Connor Eggleston.

In his last year at the school, Clarkston's Connor Eggleston has cherished the baseball season.

"We've had a great time, you know," said Eggleston. "We're just playing baseball, how could you not have fun?"

And he'll certainly miss his teammates.

"My whole high school career, it's really just been a great group of guys that I've grown up with playing baseball," said Eggleston.

Connor's played third base all his career, where he's taken a lot of hits to the body and his face!

"No, I've never lost a tooth," said Eggleston. "I guess if you get your glove in front you don't lose that many."

He's dominating on the diamond and in the classroom.

"A 4.0 right now going in...I mean senioritis hasn't kicked in too much for me," said Eggleston.

His favorite subject? science!

"To me, we live in such an amazing world...figuring out how all that works, it's really incredible," said Eggleston.

He'll be moving within a few months.

"I'm going to Lewis and Clark College in Portland," said Eggleston.

To study a non-common field.

"Yeah I'm gonna study biochemistry," said Eggleston.

As for what he plans to do with that...

"You know, I'm not exactly sure," said Eggleston. "I wanna do genetic research or something."

He loves being outdoors.

"Especially fishing the river. that's my favorite part about this place," said Eggleston. "If I could spend all my time fishing I'd do it."

Wanna know where he fishes?

"He's asking about our fishing spots, Kacey," said Eggleston. "Don't tell him. Know, it's on TV, I know."

Well too bad, I guess. He learned how to clean a fish from the best.

"My dad's a surgeon so he kinda taught me how to filet the fish," said Eggleston.

He has an interesting nickname.

"They call me eggs," said Eggleston.

And eggs certainly loves his parents...who he considers his heroes.

"They've raised eight kids, and given us such an amazing childhood, amazing opportunities for me and supported me throughout my whole life and I can't think of any other role models than them," said Eggleston.

We congratulate this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week," Clarkston High Senior, Connor Eggleston!

"It's a great honor to me to be named Prep Athlete, so thank you," said Eggleston.