Emilee helped to win at State Volleyball Championship last year

When a prep team wins state, they're obviously the best. When they win for the first time in school history, it's that much more special. Today we meet a young lady who helped Lewiston High Volleyball make history last season, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and planning for the future. Today's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of The Week" is Lewiston High Junior, Emilee Schlader.

You could say a majority of gifted athletes truly excel at one sport, and then may be just "pretty good" at others. As for Lewiston High's Emilee Schlader, she plays three sports...volleyball, basketball, and track, where she is a standout in each of them. In fact, she's so talented, that she may be one of the only sprinters on the track team to also be a thrower.

"Well the throwing coach kinda pointed me out," said Schlader. "He's like she could be a thrower cause I had the technique down, so he just made me a thrower."

She picked up shotputt her sophomore season, and did pretty well.

"I hold the school record, I got it last year," said Schlader.

But she's not just good at track...she's a basketball star, and a big reason why the Lewiston Volleyball team, which had no seniors, won their first state championship last year!

"It was pretty nice...we all worked hard for it so it felt really good to earn it," said Schlader. "Especially my freshman year we didn't even make it to state and then sophomore year going down and taking the championship it felt pretty good."

A big part of that is the chemistry Emilee and her teammates have...they always seem to be together.

"We just go to each others houses and mess around," said Schlader. "Their parents are pretty fun so we just go have fun afternoons before practice. We just go hang out at their houses and it's just fun."

And her grades are looking decent...

"Pretty good, I have a I guess very good," said Schlader.

Our past several Prep Athlete winners have favored math and science, but not Emilee, right?

"I like more math and science," said Schlader.

Oh just kidding... how about future plans?

"I have thought about college," said Schlader. "I have been contacted but I'm keeping my options open, I don't know where I want to go yet."

Doesn't know exactly where, but she has an idea.

"Somewhere in Montana, I like the Montana region, I don't know," said Schlader.

That's a new one...and how about if it came down to being a Vandal or a Coug?

"I would have to go with WSU only cause I know their coaches and I know their coaching staff," said Schlader. "And they were at L-C and they've talked to me before and I know their program and really like their program."

Emilee really likes to draw, so in college she might look into architecture.

"I'm always interested in how things work...I look at buildings and think how they were built," said Schlader. "So I like pictures and stuff."

As for her hero, someone very close to her.

"My mom has really inspired me," said Schlader. "She always gets on me about good grades and staying positive about everything and...she played college volleyball and basketball so she knows a lot about the game so I really look up to her about that."

Her mom isn't the only one she thanks for where she is today, but everyone who has helped her to receive the honor of being this week's highlighted prep athlete.

"Thank you for nominating me, it was a real honor to do so," said Schlader. "I like to know that you guys look up to me and know that I'm a good student and athlete in the public...thank you!"

Keep up the good work! We salute this week's PqFCU "Prep Athlete of the Week," Lewiston High Junior, Emilee Schlader.

We hope you enjoyed meeting Emilee Schlader. Each week throughout this school year KLEW Sports and P1FCU team up to highlight a deserving athlete in the area. If you have someone you'd like to nominate... just go to, click on sports and then prep athlete. Every Wednesday those athletes are showcased right here on KLEW-TV for their outstanding accomplishments.