Good genes & early coaching give Megan the advantage on the track team

LEWISTON, ID - How often do you find someone who is a star athlete, has a 4.0 grade average, and still maintains an extreme sense of being humble and sweet?

"It means a lot because I've been working so hard," said Ralstin. "I gave up my basketball season to train for track this year, so it just means all my hard work has been paying off."

Megan is a member of the Lewiston Bengals Track team where she's a three-event athlete.

"I do the long jump, triple jump, and the 100-meter hurdles," said Ralstin. "My favorite event is the triple jump."

So doing all that must be rough on the GPA?

"I currently have a 4.0," said Ralstin. "I like science, chemistry is my favorite class."

Well, that's not a common answer for most students! Getting back to track, her athleticism she thinks is due in part to good genes and early coaching.

"My parents both did track when they were younger," said Ralstin. "And when I was about six or seven, Coach Stuffle started doing a Junior Olympics team and that kinda got me interested and I've been doing it ever since."

Megan loves to hang out with her friends when not in class or on the field, but she has another passion when she's by herself.

"I absolutely love reading," said Ralstin. "I could read a 400 page book in a day if I wanted to. I love it."

Reading soothes the mind we've heard. As for some of her heroes, she's coached by one of them every day.

"Well I definitely think Coach Stuffle is one of my heroes because as much as he's really intense, he really inspires me to do better and perfect everything," said Ralstin.

"Oh she's great," said Stuffle. "Just a great kid, salt of the earth kid. Really humble, bright student, just a great leader to have on the program."

Megan, who are your ultimate heroes?

"My parents are my heroes a lot because they're just really good people and they love each other a lot and they love what they do and I just find that really amazing," said Ralstin.