Hansen is the first quarterback in a family of running backs

CLARKSTON, WA - When both your older and younger brothers play a certain position in football, it would be easy to do the same.

However, Clarkston senior Austin Hansen is doing things just a little bit different from his siblings.

Hansen is a second generation Bantam, but first to play quarterback. His two older brothers, Colby and Randall, both played running back. It should come as no surprise that Austin's older brother like to give him a hard time.

"Well for sure they put a lot of pressure on me," said Hansen. "They always joke about how it's different than them, being a quarterback and everyone else is running backs in my family. My younger brothers are running backs."

Austin is in his second year as signal caller for the Bantams offense and as most players do, he has strived to improve as the years go on. Austin said one of the biggest improvements from last season is getting rid of the nerves.

"I feel a lot more comfortable," said Hansen. "Last year I was pretty nervous as my first year starting and this year I just feel really comfortable in all the sets we do and things we do."

It's easy to see how comfortable and confident Austin has become in his abilities. In a game against West Valley he threw a touchdown pass to Trevor Sperry who was in triple coverage. In the rivalry game against Lewiston, Austin called his own number and ran for a 75-yard touchdown.

As Austin puts it, it's all about having confidence and getting the yards by any means necessary.

"Just get as many yards as I can," said Hansen. "Just have confidence in everything you do, just gain yards however you have to do it. If you have to run, if you have to pass, just get those yards for the team."