Johnson's future ambition is winning state basketball championship

CLARKSTON, WA - This year's boys basketball team for Clarkston High has the potential to go extremely deep in the state tournament.

And a big reason behind that is from the play of one of their big men, who shows leadership on and off the court. Let's meet Clarkston High junior, CJ Johnson!

Clarkston High junior CJ Johnson has been playing basketball for a long time now.

"Growing up I always played," said Johnson. "My dad was always a coach just growing up, so age four or five I guess, I don't know."

And despite this interview being all about him, he's still all about his team.

"Yeah, I've always wanted to win the state championship personally," said Johnson. "And I don't want to talk about myself, but I know my dad has and as a team, I know we all want it really bad."

Back to CJ, he's a beast on the court and in the classroom!

"Straight A's, both my parents are teachers so I can't get anything less than A's," said Johnson.

Favorite subject?

"Probably history, my mom's a history and I've always really been into it, if not that, probably sports fitness, stuff like that," said Johnson.

CJ hopes to play professionally someday, coach, or do something in the sports world. Though he's only a junior, I had to ask, Vandals or Cougars?

"That's a tough one, I don't know," said Johnson. "I mean I'm a big Gonzaga fan."

Bulldogs it is! He said his family comes from a long line of farmers, which explains one of his club interests.

"I do FFA, part of FFA, National Honor Society if you wanna count that," said Johnson.

Yes, we certainly do want to count that. In addition to Michael Jordan, he considers his parents his heroes, and it shows.

"Family's the most important thing and it always will be," said Johnson.

Clarkston high junior CJ Johnson is this week's P1FCU 'Prep Athlete of the Week,' an honor he is proud to have achieved.

"It means a lot, I put a lot of work in," said Johnson. "I try my best and I wish they had kind of a team award thing, but I'm just happy they picked me and I didn't even know about it and I just do what I can and live life and do it well I guess."