Kracke is key player both on and off the Bengal football field

LEWISTON, ID - Just last week Aaron Kracke gained the Bengals close to 100 yards as wide receiver against the Post Falls Trogans with what Lewiston Bengals head coach Shawn Nilsson says were key catches.

"He's the guy we look for on that third and ten, third and eight," said Nilsson. "We try and get him the football."

Aaron's been playing football for six years and as captain leads the Bengals on the field.

"I can catch the ball when it's thrown to me and I can usually gain a few yards after-wards," said Aaron.

"He's got great hands, runs good routes, runs good hard routes, when we get it in his area, I know he's going to catch the football," said Nilsson.

So what's going through Aaron's mind when he steps on the field?

"Go 100%, make sure you're trying hard every play," said Aaron.

The competitive athlete said much of his success is thanks to this year's coaching staff.

"They changed the game for us," said Aaron. "Brought another fire to the field and made us want to play a little bit harder this year."

The senior wide receiver said his competitiveness is what gives him that extra edge.

"I like to be ahead of everybody or try to be and if I'm not I try to work to be number one," said Aaron.