Kyler Brooks aka Big Bird is the team motivator for LHS baseball

LEWISTON, ID - We've found another local, amazing athlete to highlight. They say that laughter is the best medicine. If that is really the case, then this Lewiston baseball star should look into becoming a doctor. Kyler Brooks is this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week."

No matter how serious people get about sports, if you're not having fun, you shouldn't be playing. One reason Lewiston High's Kyler Brooks was selected as this week's P1FCU Athlete of the Week is because he is always laughing and keeping up good spirits with his baseball team. How honored are you, Kyler?

"I don't really know what to say," said Brooks. "It's a huge honor. There's so many other athletes out there that deserve it and to get it means a lot."

Kyler is a starting pitcher and right fielder for the team, and his play has been noticed. That shows in his plans for after high school.

"Go play baseball at Spokane Falls," said Brooks. Got a scholarship there, so we'll go see how far that takes me."

A scholarship with major league dreams! So how about the present? How are the grade looking?

"I like to say they're good," said Brooks. "I don't think my Mom will agree with that, but I like them."

Everyone needs a hand getting to where they are, who has influenced you?

"Coach Miller, just cause he's helped me since day one." said Brooks. "He's took me up and kinda had me under his wing the whole entire time and he's the reason why I'm here and why I've been so successful."

Kyler is speaking of Assistant Coach Justin Miller, who along with his grandfather, has been one of his biggest influences. Coach Miller also happened to be within earshot.

"Hear that?" said Brooks. "Alright, watch the news later."

And finally, tell us something about you that many might not know.

"I got a nickname, the Big Bird cause I kind of got a large nose, and I like to wear yellow quite a bit," said Brooks. "So one day coach was like "Hey Big Bird, what are you doing out there?" And it just stuck ever since."