Lapwai Wildcat Leighton does daily workouts to stay on top of his game

LAPWAI, ID - Balancing is key when you are a student athlete, and Shelby Leighton has mastered this domain as he continuously excels in three sports while maintaining a 3.9 GPA.

"Try to focus on school first then input on sports," said Leighton.

Football, basketball, and track are all like second nature activities for him as he started participating in sports at a young age.

"I've always been around sports because my Dad has been a coach for so long," said Leighton.

And while he enjoys all sports, basketball is his one true love.

"It's a team, but you can still do a lot with just one person," said Leighton.

And a lot he does! Shelby jumps at the opportunity to fill a leadership role and rally the troops when needed, like during the rival game against Troy.

"Just before the game I tried to tell everyone that this is our last game and if we lose we're done, so we like have to go out there and play our best," said Leighton.

His success in the gym and on the field comes from his endless dedication to being the best.

"Work out every day, like an hour and a half to two hours," said Leighton. "Then the practice and just trying to run after that. Just do whatever I could."

This track season will be the last time Shelby Leighton suits up for the wildcats, a bitter sweet moment that he will not take for granted.

"After our last game I kind of realized, this will be the last time I play big on a big stage of basketball," said Leighton.

Shelby has high hopes of becoming a Duck next year at The University of Oregon, where he will try to obtain a doctorate in Chemistry.

"I heard Eugene's pretty sweet," said Leighton.