Madeline is savoring every moment being a runner for Asotin High Field and Track

ASOTIN, WA - Being born and raised in a small town is probably the best way to feel a true sense of community. As a runner jogging around your hometown, I can only imagine everyone smiling and waving like a scene from Mister Rogers neighborhood.

Today we meet a young lady from a small town who loves nothing more than waving to the friendly citizen's of her small town as she races towards a state championship. Let's meet this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week," Asotin High Senior Madeline Eggleston.

Madeline Eggleston has been running for a while now, but hasn't always been a runner.

"As a freshman I did cheerleading, but after that I wisened up and I ran track and cross country...nothing against cheerleading," said Eggleston.

And for her senior year, she has two and...

"I want to have fun with this year," said Eggleston. "I really want to make it really count. So I'm gonna work just as hard and be just as competitive but at the same time I'm going to savor every moment."

And seeing as it is her senior year, she's going to miss her hometown.

"I love the small town aspect of Asotin, I love running through the streets," said Eggleston. "As part of the distance crew, we do a lot of running in the streets of Asotin and it's cool just to see the same people every day."

One thing she might not miss as much, the wind.

"And I'm gonna miss some of the up and coming athletes," said Eggleston. "I'm gonna miss watching them grow."

She's doing very well in the classroom because of her mentality towards education.

"I'm a student-athlete not an athlete-student so school comes first," said Eggleston.

As for where she might go to college.

"I'm a die-hard Husky fan, but I'll probably end up at WSU," said Eggleston. "It's either that or Eastern."

Before shipping off to college, she might make a career detour first.

"There's a field of study I'm really interested in, it's called egoscue, it's sort of like physical therapy," said Eggleston. "So I think I want to study that and go down to San Diego and train and get an internship down there, and then come up to school here."

Madeline is very involved in her school.

"I am in FFA, FBLA, and I'm an officer in FBLA," said Eggleston. "I'm an officer in National Honor Society, I'm really active in my youth group."

With such a busy schedule, we're glad Madeline was able to fit in some time with us, as she is this week's P1FCU "Prep Athlete of the Week." Congrats, Madeline!

"I feel honored," said Eggleston. "I was so shocked when he told me, I guess I never really saw myself as this. But I guess other people have and I think that's the true testament to a person is even if they can't see it, they're making an impact on others and that's what I hope to do is help the younger kids, become a better athlete, and become a better student."