Melton is more than just a star on the field

LEWISTON, ID - Drew Melton's been a star on the football field since the fifth grade.

Melton leads the Bengals with 34 carries for a total of 182 yards, four touchdowns and nine receptions this season. The star quarterback said he really has no strategy when he steps onto the football field, except to gain yards and throw as many touchdowns as possible.

"Whatever works," said Melton. "If there's an open receiver, I'm going to throw it to them, if there's not and no one's open I'm going to tuck it and run it, see what happens."

Drew does it all, both in the classroom and outside of school and has earned himself a 4.0 GPA and four varsity letters between track and football. He says doing well is all about prioritizing what's most important.

"You have to be organized, you can't fall behind," said Melton. "Same with playing quarterback, you got to know what everyone's doing, you can't not know something."

When he's not gaining yards and scoring points with the offense, Drew's making tackles as a corner for the Bengals defense.

"I've pretty much played everything on offense, running back ,quarterback, wide receiver and then linebacker and then during the high school years I've played quarterback, runningback and corner on defense," said Melton.

It's easy to see how talented Drew is on and off the field. The competitive athlete said he plans on playing football in college while tackling a degree in engineering. He points to a simple philosophy for his success.

"Just go out there, do what you do. You're probably going to make mistakes, but if you do, make them at 110 %, do your best and play your game," said Melton.