Mickenzie pitches softball 3 different ways and practices her technique

ASOTIN, WA - Imagine a softball phenom who can ace a few tests in the classroom then go out that same day and pitch 19 strikeouts..Let's meet Asotin High's Mickenzie Mullins.

That is the sound and sight that all pitchers love to see and hear. The sound of the ball hitting the glove and a frustrated batter trying to regroup. But batters beware..when you strike out, Mickenzie remembers.

"I always look at the batters face just to see if they are frustrated and I try to remember what pitch that was just thrown," said Mullins. "So I can throw that again and hopefully repeat that."

Asotin High's Mickenzie Mullins uses a combination of her outstanding athletic ability combined with her above-average intelligence to take out her opponents on the diamond, and she has a wide variety of pitches to go along with that.

"Fastball, change-up, screwball," said Mullins.

Whoa whoa whoa, did you say screwball? Is that common for softball pitchers to toss those around?

"I would say probably not," said Mullins. "In our league we mostly just see fastballs and change ups, but I've been working with my pitching coach a lot on my pitches to get more movement on the ball, so it's fun to watch batters try to hit them and be surprised."

So it's probably a good thing that opposing teams only need to see you on the mound every couple games then.

"I pitch every game, every inning," said Mullins.

Oh, just kidding then. So with you striking out all these batters and practicing non-stop, how are your grades looking?

"They look good...I think right now I'm sitting at the top of my class," said Mullins.

Wow, translation, that means a 4.0 GPA. Busy girl here! Can't imagine that you have time for anything else.

"I play volleyball," said Mullins.

Okay, adding another spot to the mix with volleyball where she's a setter. How about outside of sports and school?

"We like to go shopping and do girly things too," said Mullins.

Educate me..what are girly things?

"Go get our nails done, go shopping," said Mullins.

Okay, let's get back to sports. What gets you pumped up before games?

"Well, I like eighties rock, so I listen to a lot of AC/DC and Van Halen," said Mullins.

Rock on, girl! A young lady who can appreciate the classics. Seems that Mickenzie is pretty deserving of the award, and Asotin Softball Assistant Coach Tom Tower would agree.

"She's involved in a lot of things, extracurricular activities at the school, and does really well as far as you can probably tell with the footage, a great softball player," said Tower.

Well, it looks like the right choice was made for this week's athlete. Mickenzie, your thoughts on being recognized?

"I think it means that people are noticing all the hard work I put in, and I'm excited about that," said Mullins.